What is splash ?

A simple, Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency. Not an ICO.

Why ?

Why not! I remember the atmosphere around bitcoin during 2013-2014, People were giving them away during conferences, and forums post of its use as a currency were numerous; For many Bitcoin has become more of Security than a currency; And, like many I have become too scared to spend my Bitcoin veiwing it as an asset (not an inheriently bad thing).

I am creating splash to be the currency that I’d like to use:

  • trustless
  • bankless
  • fast
  • convenient
  • easy to use

Real world use

The distributed ledger is just a base, the heart of this project is building real world integrations: One click checkout, Pay onsite hardware, and other tools to help Splash be a viable medium for exchange.

Cool address

Hex based address are ok… for computers, but imagine trying to tell someone your wallet address over phone, or by text; Nope, thats not ok with us. You can register your own custom address such as “kass.barker” or “crypto.bob”. (We are looking into ways to obfuscate balance, and you can still use you hex based address).

hex:0x003298DFCDF032CE23ABDC2938492 or cool john.smith

Currently no smart contracts

For now we will leave smart contracts to projects like Ethereum and Neo. The art of being a viable currency is our primary focus.

This is not an investment

Sorry, this is not an investment or a stock, it is designed to be a medium of exchange, a digital currency. You are free to use economic knowledge and bet on future price, but we would rather your spent your coins, gathered more and use them just as you would fiat currencies.


Well I (@coder_kass) will make the first release, but this is an opensource community project. Here is a list of our awesome contributers.

Bug Reporting and Feedback?

Have we lost the plot? Probably, but let us know!

  • Bugs
  • Feedback